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If you get pulled over, arrested, or questioned by the police there are several steps you should take to decreased the likelihood that you will be charged and convicted of a crime.


Missouri’s implied consent law requires a driver to submit to a chemical test when requested by a law enforcement officer. If the driver refuses (refused to blow), the arresting officer will make note of this and take possession of your driver’s license and issue a 15 day permit. After this, you will not be allowed to drive unless you request a stay […]


The Missouri Department of Revenue handles driving records for drivers in Missouri. Residents of Missouri can request a copy of their records by contacting the DOR.  You can request a copy of your records in one of several ways:


If you currently have an arrest warrant in Missouri, the attorneys at Traffic Law Stop may be able to have your warrant lifted, cancel your bond and obtain a new court date for you. Then your lawyer may be able to arrange a plea agreement for you.


Any time you receive a traffic ticket you should consider hiring a traffic lawyer to work on your case for you. Traffic lawyers, like the professional traffic attorneys at Traffic Law Stop can often reduce your charges which leads to less points on your driver’s license.


If you receive a speeding or traffic ticket in Missouri or Illinois, you can have a professional traffic attorney amend or “fix” your ticket, but what does that mean for you?


Pleading guilty to moving violations can lead to points on your driver’s license. Too many points will lead to the suspension of your license. Below you can see some common traffic violations and the points associated with each. Speeding Tickets: Most speeding tickets in Missouri result in 2 points on your driver’s license, unless issued by a state trooper, which will […]


In Missouri “Abuse & Lose” is a special set of laws that applies to minors. It is important to hire a Missouri traffic attorney If you are under 21 years of age because a court can order suspension of driving license privileges for 90 days for a 1st offense and 1 year for a 2nd offense of the following types […]


Drivers holding a CDL (commercial driver license) in Missouri are subject to a lower blood alcohol content for a DWI, which is .04 compared to the .08 normal drivers license holders are subject to. A CDL holder is subject to the lower threshold even while driving a normal car as opposed to a commercial vehicle. Without hiring a Missouri traffic […]


What is SR-22 Insurance?

SR-22 Insurance is a form from an insurance company that proves that you motor vehicle has liability insurance. This form is filed with DOR (Department of Revenue). A DMV may require an SR-22 from a driver in order to reinstate his or her driving privileges following an uninsured car accident or conviction of another traffic-related offense, such as a DUI. […]