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The Missouri Supreme Court decided not to take up cases of three Missouri cites red light camera programs. The Court refused to take up cases by the cites of Creve Coeur and Kansas City and American Traffic Solutions, the company that operates red light cameras in Missouri. The Court also rejected an appeal by the City of Florissant.


Too much! Don’t risk drinking and driving if for no other reason than a selfish one – it’s a very expensive hit to the average person’s budget and can cause “paycheck to paycheck” to become full tilt.


Traffic tickets for CDL (Commercial Driver’s License) holders have greater consequences than tickets for regular license holders. Traffic tickets received either driving a company vehicle or personal vehicle can lead to disqualification or suspension of your CDL.


Driving While Suspended convictions can have serious¬†repercussions¬†including hefty fines, points on your driver’s license, and even jail time, so if you have been charged with DWS, it is important to know the possible penalties and how to handle your charge.


DWI convictions can have many negative consequences on your life, including your ability to drive legally, employment options, high court costs and fines, and other negative impacts. After a DWI a driver can get their Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) after his driver’s license suspension has ended.


In the state of Missouri traffic tickets that are deemed moving violations carry a set number of points that go on your driver’s license. Once you reach a certain number of points on your license (the exact number is determined by how long of a period you get them) your license will be suspended for a pre-determined amount of time


If you get convicted of a any type of traffic offense that is considered a moving violation you will most likely receive points on your driver’s license. The amount of points given for a traffic conviction depend on the severity of the violation and Missouri has set amount of points for each type of traffic law.


What is SATOP?

In Missouri traffic law SATOP is Substance Abuse Traffic Offender Program. If your driver license has been suspended or revoked by the Missouri Department of Revenue (DOR) due to an alcohol related offense you must complete SATOP in order to reinstate your license.


In Missouri in order to reinstate your Missouri driver’s license after a DWI suspension or revocation you must:


There are two separate parts to every DUI issued in Missouri. Those two parts are: