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Drivers holding a CDL (commercial driver license) in Missouri are subject to a lower blood alcohol content for a DWI, which is .04 compared to the .08 normal drivers license holders are subject to. A CDL holder is subject to the lower threshold even while driving a normal car as opposed to a commercial vehicle. Without hiring a Missouri traffic attorney, a CDL holder that receives a 1st DWI conviction faces losing their CDL for at least 1 year. A CDL holder that receives a 2nd DWI conviction may lose their commercial driver’s license for life. Missouri traffic law does not allow SIS for a CDL holder that is charged with DWI.

If you have a CDL license and get a DWI in Missouri you should hire a DWI attorney to work on your case. The experts at Traffic Law Stop in St. Louis, Missouri can help you fight your DWI case involving a CDL license.

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