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If you currently have an arrest warrant in Missouri, the attorneys at Traffic Law Stop may be able to have your warrant lifted, cancel your bond and obtain a new court date for you. Then your lawyer may be able to arrange a plea agreement for you.

The ability of your traffic ticket lawyer to have your arrest warrant lifted depends on several factors including:

  • Previous criminal history.
  • The severity of your current charge.
  • The decisions made by the judge and Prosecutor.
Some courts will immediately issue a Failure To Appear (FTA) charge and arrest warrant for missing a court date or fine payment, and others may notify you by mail beforehand. If you receive a notification by the court for an FTA or possible warrant, we advise you to contact the attorneys at Traffic Law Stop to advise you on how to proceed.


There are several common reasons why warrants may be issued from traffic stops, including:

  • Missed court dates.
  • Failure to pay for damages on an auto accident you caused.
  • Missing payment dates on payment arrangements through the court.
If you receive an arrest warrant for Failure To Appear, the court may require you pay a bond – an amount of money designated by the court to have your warrant canceled. If you have a warrant for failure to appear, contact the attorneys at Traffic Law Stop to see if your bond can be lifted. If you are not sure if you have a warrant, an attorney can find out this information for you.


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