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A new law passed in North Dakota legalizes police drones outfitted with “less than lethal” weapons. 


The Ellisville, Missouri police department has begun purchasing body cameras for all of its police officers. The Saint Louis suburb had been planning on getting cameras for all officers, but the Ferguson riots and Michael Brown shooting made Ellisville expedite the process.


Are The Police Allowed To Lie?

Most people have heard the rumor that if you ask an undercover cop if they are a police officer they must tell you.  This is simply not true. Police are allowed to lie to you.


The peaceful vigil for slain teen Michael Brown turned violent tonight, with protesters damaging police and news vehicles, and looting a Quiktrip. The incidents are occurring at West Florissant and Ferguson Avenue.


On Saturday, a Ferguson police officer fatally shot an unarmed teen named Michael Brown. Michael Brown, 18, was shot at approximately 2:15 p.m. in the 2900 block of Canfield Drive.


For a long time Missouri has had some of the strictest marijuana laws in the country. Attitudes over medical and recreational marijuana use have changed over the years, and some states have even moved forward with full legalization. In 2017, Missouri’s marijuana laws will become a little less strict.


Why Do People Hire A Lawyer for a Warrant traffic ticket case? Answer:  To Save Money, Save Time, and Avoid Embarrassment & Hassle in Court. Possible reasons why people may hire a lawyer for a Warrant traffic ticket case:


If you have an outstanding warrant for traffic tickets, misdemeanors or unpaid child support in the Greater Saint Louis area, you may be able to get your warrant lifted on one of Saint Louis’s Warrant Amnesty Days.


Starting on June 1st, 2013 marijuana possession cases will now go to the municipal courts, which essentially decriminalizes possession of small amounts of the drug.


What is an SIS?

An SIS or “Suspended Imposition of Sentence”  is where you are placed on probation. In an SIS you waive your right to a trial and Plead Guilty in Court to some offense (DWI) but the Conviction is not entered onto your criminal record.