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If you get pulled over, arrested, or questioned by the police there are several steps you should take to decreased the likelihood that you will be charged and convicted of a crime.

Be Polite: You should be polite and have your driver’s license and proof of insurance ready for the police officer.

The Right To Remain Silent:   You should ask for the reason you are being stopped.  If the officer begins to ask questions about drinking alcohol, speeding, etc you have the right not to answer questions and you should use that right.  Any type of admission will increase the likelihood that you will end up arrested or ticketed and will end up written down as evidence against you in the police report.  You should respectfully explain that you are going to use your right to not answer questions and ask the officer to write your traffic ticket so that you can leave.

Ask to Speak to an Attorney: If you are being accused of a crime you have the right to a lawyer before answering any questions.  Call the lawyers at Traffic Law Stop at (314) 644 – 7102 to seek representation before you answer any questions. Your attorney can tell you how to best answer questions to help your case.

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