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Pleading guilty to moving violations can lead to points on your driver’s license. Too many points will lead to the suspension of your license. Below you can see some common traffic violations and the points associated with each.

Speeding Tickets: Most speeding tickets in Missouri result in 2 points on your driver’s license, unless issued by a state trooper, which will result in 3 points.

Stop Sign Violation: 2 points.

No Driver’s License: First offense: 2 points, second offense: 4 points, third offense 6 points.

No Insurance: No insurance tickets typically lead to 4 points.

Driving While Suspended or Revoked: 12 points.

Driving While Intoxicated (DWI): 8 points for the first offense, 12 points for subsequent offenses.

Leaving the Scene of An Accident – 6 to 12 points.

If you receive a new traffic ticket and already have points on your record you should not fight your case yourself. Too many points on your license will lead to suspension of your license, so you should contact the traffic lawyers at Traffic Law Stop or call (314) 644-7102.

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