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Missouri passed a new Crime Bill in 2009 which made a new “Ignition Interlock” law effective August 2009. 


The vast majority of states do share information about your driver license convictions. This means if you are suspended or take points on your driver license in one state this information will be shared with all states participating in interstate compact. As the date of this posting the only states that do not share driver license information are Georgia, Massachusetts, […]


If you fail to appear for your Court date on a Missouri traffic ticket, the Court may issue you a failure to appear warrant for your arrest. Once you hire Traffic Law Stop for your case a traffic law attorney will have the court recall your warrant. Depending on the court jurisdiction it can take anywhere from 1-7 days to […]


Click ‘Start My Ticket’ and enter your missouri traffic ticket & contact information into our traffic ticket form. You will be notified via email immediately to confirm that we have received your missouri traffic ticket case submission. We will receive a second email within 24 business hours telling you if your traffic ticket case has been accepted and that we […]


Traffic Law Stop can amend or “fix” your Missouri traffic tickets with prices $59up. If you do not hire a St. Louis traffic ticket attorney and instead plead guilty to a moving violation traffic ticket you will incur points on your Missouri driver license. Incurring points on your driver license can ultimately lead to a suspension of your driving privilege. […]