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St. Louis Traffic Ticket Lawyers

Need an experienced traffic lawyer? Our experienced Traffic Law STOP℠ Missouri traffic law attorneys successfully handle THOUSANDS of St. Louis traffic law and criminal cases. Our traffic lawyers handle Missouri Traffic Tickets, DWIs and Minor Criminal Matters with prices starting at just $40! Join our thousands of happy and satisfied clients and we will put our experienced traffic ticket lawyers to work for you now!



Traffic Ticket Cases

Get_Started_ButtonDon’t plead guilty and take a conviction on your driver record or criminal record. Our St. Louis traffic lawyer can help you avoid taking points and help you avoid costly insurance increases. Prices start at only $40!



DWI and DUI Cases

Get_Started_ButtonFor most people receiving a DWI can be a stressful, embarrassing and complicated event in life. You should never face a DWI without an experienced Missouri DWI lawyer at your side through every step of the process. We offer free consultations and payment plans. Prices start at just $550!



Warrants & Criminal Cases

Get_Started_ButtonOur attorneys handle warrant checks, warrant recalls, and criminal cases including marijuana possession, drug charges, driving suspension cases, and more! Our criminal lawyer offers affordable payment plans!



Attorney Casey Coats

Traffic Ticket LawyerSaint Louis Attorney Casey Coats works to have your traffic law, DWI, or criminal cases amended to minimize fines, convictions, drivers license points, and convictions. Attorney’s fees start at only $40 for traffic tickets and DWI lawyer fees start at only $550! Flexible payment plans are available. Call us at (314) 644-7102.

Our Saint Louis traffic ticket lawyers can help you with your speeding tickets, no insurance tickets, driving while suspended, CDL violations, stop sign tickets, DWI and DUI, and other traffic violations. We also handle failure to appear, warrants, drug possession cases, and more.


No Points, No Insurance Increases

Our St. Louis traffic lawyer works to get you no points on your drivers license to save you from license suspensions and insurance increases. We accept cases in almost every Missouri court including Saint Louis County, Jefferson County, and more.


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