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Missouri’s implied consent law requires a driver to submit to a chemical test when requested by a law enforcement officer. If the driver refuses (refused to blow), the arresting officer will make note of this and take possession of your driver’s license and issue a 15 day permit. After this, you will not be allowed to drive unless you request a stay from the court and it is granted.

If the court upholds the DUI/DWI arrest, any time remaining on the sentence will be served and your driver’s license will be suspended for one year. If the arrest is overturned, your driver’s license will be returned.

Once your suspension is up, your driver’s license will need to be reinstated. The requirements for this are:

  1. Pay the $45 reinstatement fee.
  2. Provide proof of successful completion of a Substance Abuse Traffic Offender Program (SATOP).

If you received a DWI or DUI in Missouri and refused the chemical test (refused to blow into the breathalyzer , contact the St. Louis DWI attorneys at Traffic Law Stop.  (314) 644 – 7102.

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