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Traffic Ticket FAQs


Why Should I Have My Missouri Traffic Ticket or St Louis traffic ticket Fixed or Amended by Traffic Law Stop?
Traffic Law Stop can amend or "fix" your Missouri traffic tickets or St Louis traffic tickets with prices starting at $40. If you do not hire a St. Louis traffic ticket attorney and instead plead guilty to a moving violation traffic ticket you will incur points on your Missouri driver license. Incurring points on your driver license can ultimately lead to a suspension of your driving privilege. Typically, if you incur points on your driver license your insurance premium may be incrased significantly. Once you incur points on your driver license it will take years for the points to be removed from your driver record. If you hire a traffic ticket lawyer from Traffic Law Stop to amend your Missouri traffic tickets you can avoid costly insurance premium increases and points on your driver license!

How does the online Missouri traffic ticket or St. Louis traffic ticket process work?
Click ‘Start My Ticket’ and enter your Missouri traffic ticket or St. Louis traffic ticket & contact information into our traffic ticket form. You will be notified via email immediately to confirm that we have received your missouri traffic ticket case submission. You will receive a second email within 24 business hours telling you if your traffic ticket case has been accepted and that we have begun work on your case. We will immediately work with the Court to attempt to negotiate a favorable plea agreement / amendment (Plea) on your traffic ticket case. You will receive a letter from us informing you about your traffic case Plea and the details of how, when, & where to pay your fine and/or send your compliance documents.

How do I get notice about the status of my Missouri traffic ticket or St Louis traffic ticket case from Traffic Law STOP?
Traffic Law Stop will send you a letter about your Missouri traffic ticket case Plea, how to pay Court Fines, Etc. If you receive notices from the Court that do not come through our office please contact us ASAP and prior to responding to the Court.

Do I appear at my court date, if I hire Traffic Law STOP to handle my missouri traffic ticket or St Louis traffic ticket?
NO, you do not need to appear in Court in most cases. In most cases the traffic law attorney will make all court appearances on your behalf on your missouri traffic ticket. Do NOT appear for court dates unless we specifically notify you to appear.

I have a Failure to Appear warrant for my Missouri traffic ticket, if I hire Traffic Law STOP as my traffic lawyer on my case what will happen?
If you fail to appear for your Court date on a Missouri traffic ticket, the Court may issue you a failure to appear warrant for your arrest. Once you hire Traffic Law Stop for your case a traffic law attorney will have the court recall your warrant. Depending on the court jurisdiction it can take anywhere from 1-7 days to lift your traffic ticket warrant. The court may or may not require a bond in order to lift your warrant, in most cases the court will not require a bond when you have a traffic lawyer hired on your traffic ticket case. We will call you when your warrant is lifted. After your warrant is lifted the traffic lawyer will attempt to negotiate a Plea/amendment on your traffic ticket case.

Can attorney’s fees increase on my Missouri traffic ticket case after I hire a traffic lawyer at Traffic Law Stop for my st louis or missouri traffic ticket?
Attorney fees are quoted based upon information provided by you about your traffic ticket case. Attorney’s fees may increase due to: undisclosed additional traffic tickets, warrants, suspensions, incomplete information provided by you, any Continuances caused by you, or the like. Any additional attorneys fees must be paid immediately when due or work will not continue on your traffic ticket case, and we may withdraw from your traffic ticket case if fees are not paid which may have serious consequences. If you provide accurate information about your traffic ticket case your quote will be accurate and attorney's fees should not increase.

What is a plea agreement and why do I want a plea agreement on my missouri traffic ticket or St Louis traffic ticket?
A plea is an agreement negotiated by your Traffic Law Stop traffic lawyer with the Prosecutor to amend your traffic ticket case charge to either a lesser charge, non-moving charge, non-point charge, reduced fee conviction, etc., in exchange for you either paying an increased fine, making a donation, performing community service, completing a class, agreeing to probation, etc. The goal of your plea agreement is to avoid points and a obtain a non moving non point amendment of your traffic ticket.

What should I do about my red light camera St. Louis traffic ticket?
Most St. Louis jurisdictions issuing red light camera traffic tickets are charging these cases as "infractions". This means that pleading guilty and paying the fine on these "infraction" tickets will not result in points on your Missouri driver license. If you are unsure whether the jurisdiction that issued your red light camera traffic ticket charges these tickets as infractions you should consult a Traffic Law Stop lawyer to verify whether pleading guilty would result in points on your Missouri license. If you fail to pay your fine timely, or fail to hire a St. Louis traffic law attorney to represent you, some jurisdictions are issuing warrants for the failure to appear in court on red light camera traffic tickets. You should either pay your fine timely or consult a St. Louis traffic law attorney for red light camera tickets each time you receive one because the treatment of these tickets may be different in each municipality. We do NOT ever recommend ignoring these red light St. Louis area traffic tickets.

Can I handle my "no insurance" traffic ticket on my own and hire a traffic law attorney for my other traffic tickets if I received more than one traffic ticket during the traffic stop?
If you want to handle your own insurance ticket, our policy is that you must first call the clerk of the court that issued your traffic ticket to request permission from the Court Clerk to "split your file" and obtain the name of the clerk that gave you permission to "split your file". If the Court Clerk allows your file to be "split" we have no problem working on only a portion of your traffic tickets from a traffic stop. Many St. Louis traffic law courts do not allow "file splitting" and instead require that if you hire a traffic law attorney for one traffic ticket the lawyer must represent you on all traffic tickets received in the same traffic stop.

How long will it take to hear back on the outcome of my Missouri traffic ticket or St. Louis traffic ticket case?
Many times once a traffic law attorney enters on your traffic ticket case your case will be continued until the Prosecutor's office has an opportunity to make an offer on your case. Most times your traffic lawyer will not receive an offer on your case until well after your original court date. Each court jurisdiction in Missouri runs on a different time table according to the volume of their traffic ticket dockets. You can be assured that your lawyer at traffic law stop is staying on top of continuances after your original court date passes. If you become concerned about your traffic ticket case you can call or email us at any time and we will provide you with a case update.

How much will my fine be to amend my Missouri traffic ticket or St Louis traffic ticket?
The fines assessed in any given traffic ticket case vary according to the court jurisdiction, driver record, number of prior amended tickets, gravity of the violation, the type of driver license you hold, etc. Typically the fine assessed on a traffic ticket amendment is higher than the fine assessed if you plead guilty, this is the "trade off" for avoiding points and/or a conviction on your driver license which will presumably save you money on your insurance premium and keep your Missouri driver license valid.

Do States Like Missouri Share Information About Traffic Ticket Convictions & What Is Interstate Driver's License Compact?
The vast majority of states do share information about your driver license convictions. This means if you receive traffic convictions, or are suspended, in one state this information will be shared with all states participating in interstate compact. As the date of this posting the only states that do not share driver license information are Georgia, Massachusetts, Michigan, & Wisconsin.

What is Abuse and Lose in Missouri?
Abuse & Lose is a special set of laws that applies to minors in Missouri. If you are under 21 years of age a court can order suspension of your missouri driving license privileges for 90 days for a 1st offense and 1 year for a 2nd offense of the following types of offenses: Any alcohol related traffic offense; any offense involving the possession or use of alcohol while operating a motor vehicle; any offense involving the possession or use of drugs; any offense involving the alteration, modification or misrepresentation of a driver license; a second offense involving the possession or use of alcohol by someone under 18 years of age.

Can My DWI Be Expunged or Removed From My Driver License Record in Missouri?
Typically in Missouri a 1st DWI may be expunged after a period of 10 years if you do not receive further DWIs through a court process with a missouri trafic attorney. The Court must be Petitioned in order to request a DWI be expunged (removed) from your Missouri driver record. If you receive more than 1 DWI then the DWIs cannot generally be removed from your Missouri driver license record.

What is an Aggressive Driving traffic ticket in Missouri traffic law?
A Missouri police officer can issue you a ticket for Aggressive Driving for any type of road rage behavior. A court can charge a fine in excess of $500.00 in addition to issuing 2 points against your driver license upon a plea of guilty if this ticket is not amended. Some St. Louis traffic ticket courts are issuing fines in the amount of $500 or more when a driver pleads guilty, so it is important to talk to a traffic ticket lawyer about your case.

What is SATOP in a Missouri traffic ticket case and how much does it cost?
SATOP is Substance Abuse Traffic Offender Program. In MO if your driver license has been suspended or revoked by DOR (Dept of Revenue) due to an alcohol related offense you must complete SATOP in order to reinstate your license. SATOP consists of 2 parts. There is an evaluation and interview session during which a counselor will determine what type of class you will be assigned to. Then you will be assigned to attend a treatment class or a series of classes. When you attend your evaluation and interview session there is an initial fee due of approximately $271 (fees for a re-assessment are $125). When you attend your class there is an additional fee due, depending on which type of class you are assigned to this fee starts at approximately $100 & up.

A DWI in Missouri traffic law consists of 2 separate Cases, it has 2 parts - What does this mean?
Every DWI case can be further broken down into two separate parts. Administrative Action: Involves your driver license privilege through the DOR (Dept of Revenue). Regardless of whether you took the breath test and failed, or refused it, your license will be suspended or revoked 15 days after you receive a DWI if you do not timely Appeal. Breath tests must be appealed within 15 days after you receive your DWI. If you refuse the breath test your driver license will be revoked for 1 year unless you file a timely Appeal, also known as a Petition for Review. Refusal cases must be appealed within 30 days of receiving your DWI. If you miss the deadline for filing your Appeal you lose the right to Appeal. Criminal Case: Involves criminal charges brought against you through the Court. The Court proceedings vary depending on the jurisdiction (location) of the issuing Court and whether or not you are represented by an Attorney. If you are represented by an Attorney and your case results in Plea Bargain then the Attorney will make most appearances on your behalf, and you will likely only be required to appear in Court to accept your Plea after the details are largely agreed to by the Prosecuting Attorney in advance. If you do not hire an Attorney you will be required to attend all Court appearances and Courts cannot give you legal advice about how to represent yourself.

What is an SIS on my St. Louis traffic ticket or Missouri traffic ticket case?
An SIS is a "Suspended Imposition of Sentence" where you are placed on probation. In an SIS you waive your right to a trial and Plead Guilty in Court to some offense (DWI or other) but the Conviction is not entered onto your criminal record. Instead the Plea is placed in your file for the term of your probation. If you successfully complete all of the terms of your probation then you will not receive a conviction and the criminal case is closed. If you violate the terms of your probation you will face a probation revocation hearing. As a result of the probation revocation hearing the Judge may decide to revoke your probation, enter the previous Plea of Guilty into the record, and sentence you, as your right to a trial will have been previously waived as a part of the SIS.

How Do I Reinstate My Driver License in Missouri After a Suspension or Revocation Due to an Alcohol traffic ticket or DWI Case?
In order to reinstate your driver license after a DWI suspension you must: 1) complete SATOP and submit proof of completion to DOR (Dept of Revenue); 2) pay a reinstatement fee of $45; 3) obtain SR-22 insurance and maintain proof for two years from the date of suspension/revocation (if you are over 21 years old). If you are convicted of a 2nd DWI it is now mandatory for the court to order an ignition interlock device on any vehicle you drive for a period of 6 months after your suspension. If your license was revoked for 1 year or more you must additionally take and pass the driver's test again.

What is SR22 Insurance in Missouri traffic law and Where Do I Buy It?
SR-22 Insurance is a form from an insurance company that proves that you motor vehicle has liability insurance. This form is filed with DOR (Dept of Revenue). You obtain SR-22 from most normal insurance agents. There will be an increased or extra insurance premium charged to you by your insurance company for the SR-22 insurance. You are not required to purchase the SR-22 insurance from the same insurance company that provides your regular insurance, it can be purchased from a separate company.

Can Traffic Law Stop expunge a DWI from my record in Missouri?
Typically in Missouri a 1st DWI may be expunged after a period of 10 years if you do not receive further DWIs. The Court must be Petitioned in order to request a DWI be expunged (removed) from your driver record. If you receive more than 1 DWI then the DWIs cannot be removed from your driver license record.

What is Ignition Interlock?
Missouri passed a new Crime Bill in 2009 which made a new "Ignition Interlock" law effective August 2009. Under this new law any person found guilty or who pleads guilty to a second intoxication related traffic offense shall not operate a motor vehicle unless that vehicle is equipped with a certified ignition interlock device for 6 months from the date of reinstatement of the person's driver license. The statutue is RSMo 577.600

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