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Residents of Missouri now have a free online tool to check to see whether or not they have traffic ticket cases in Missouri.


HEADLIGHTS QUIZ — When am I required to have them on while driving in Missouri? It is 2:30PM now, it is sunny, it is moderately raining, I can see clearly for 400 feet – are headlights required to be on? Sunrise is at 5:30AM, it is 5:10AM now – are headlights required to be on? It is foggy outside, my […]


Dare to exercise your rights during a traffic stop in a courteous manor? Possible lessons to take away from recent events.


Moline Acres’ “Positive Ticketing” Program – the first 30 days.


Red Light Camera Ticket Refunds

Due to recent court rulings against many Missouri municipalities for their red light camera ticket programs, drivers who paid red light camera fines may be eligible for a 20% refund of their fines if they received a ticket in one of the following cities:


Missouri School Bus Laws

It’s back to school season, and that means we will be seeing school buses on the road. Below we outline school bus passing laws in Missouri.


The Missouri Supreme Court decided not to take up cases of three Missouri cites red light camera programs. The Court refused to take up cases by the cites of Creve Coeur and Kansas City and American Traffic Solutions, the company that operates red light cameras in Missouri. The Court also rejected an appeal by the City of Florissant.


Why Do People Hire A Lawyer for a Warrant traffic ticket case? Answer:  To Save Money, Save Time, and Avoid Embarrassment & Hassle in Court. Possible reasons why people may hire a lawyer for a Warrant traffic ticket case:


Recently,  the Missouri Court of Appeals Eastern Division ruled against Ellisville’s Red Light Camera program. As a result of the ruling, many Missouri cities have temporarily suspended their red light camera ticket programs.


The Missouri Court of Appeals recently struck down Ellisville’s Red Light Camera laws.  The decision was a result of a class action lawsuit against the city of Ellisville and American Traffic Solutions, the company that operates the red light cameras.