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Why Do People Hire A Lawyer for a Warrant traffic ticket case?
Answer:  To Save Money, Save Time, and Avoid Embarrassment & Hassle in Court. Possible reasons why people may hire a lawyer for a Warrant traffic ticket case:

  1. A lawyer may be able to get any bond posting requirement waived or reduced.
  2. A lawyer may be able to get any warrant fees or fines waived or reduced.
  3.  A lawyer may be able to get your ticket amended – avoiding points on your license and avoiding increased insurance premiums.
  4.  A lawyer may be able to appear in Court on your behalf, either completely avoiding the necessity of your appearance in Court, or drastically reducing the amount of time you will spend in Court.
  5.  A lawyer may be able to assist you when you have multiple warrants pending simultaneously in multiple courts – in other words, when you cannot appear in court to plead or pay on your own warrant because you may be arrested and held for transport due to another warrant in another court.

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