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The Missouri Court of Appeals recently struck down Ellisville’s Red Light Camera laws. ┬áThe decision was a result of a class action lawsuit against the city of Ellisville and American Traffic Solutions, the company that operates the red light cameras.

The court ruled the red light camera law as invalid because tickets go to the registered owner of the vehicle, and not necessarily the violator of the law.

A few days prior, a St. Peters judge threw out a woman’s red light camera ticket because no points are added to the violators license for the offense, which is required by Missouri state law.

Due to the legality issues of not assessing points for red light camera tickets, the St. Peters Board of Alderman voted to amend the city’s red light camera ordinance. Violators will now be assessed points on their driver’s licenses, and fines can now be up to $500 per violation.

With the recent rulings on red light cameras more cities in Missouri may begin assessing points for red light camera tickets. After the Ellisville ruling some cities temporarily suspended issuing red light camera tickets until their programs can be reviewed.

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