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If you get pulled over, arrested, or questioned by the police there are several steps you should take to decreased the likelihood that you will be charged and convicted of a crime.


Missouri’s implied consent law requires a driver to submit to a chemical test when requested by a law enforcement officer. If the driver refuses (refused to blow), the arresting officer will make note of this and take possession of your driver’s license and issue a 15 day permit. After this, you will not be allowed to drive unless you request a stay […]


In Missouri “Abuse & Lose” is a special set of laws that applies to minors. It is important to hire a Missouri traffic attorney If you are under 21 years of age because a court can order suspension of driving license privileges for 90 days for a 1st offense and 1 year for a 2nd offense of the following types […]


Drivers holding a CDL (commercial driver license) in Missouri are subject to a lower blood alcohol content for a DWI, which is .04 compared to the .08 normal drivers license holders are subject to. A CDL holder is subject to the lower threshold even while driving a normal car as opposed to a commercial vehicle. Without hiring a Missouri traffic […]


Missouri Penalties for DWI & DUI

In Missouri the penalties for Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) or Driving Under The Influence (DUI) often result in license suspension, heavy fines and restricted driving privileges after your license is reinstated.


Missouri passed a new Crime Bill in 2009 which made a new “Ignition Interlock” law effective August 2009. 


Typically in Missouri a 1st DWI may be expunged after a period of 10 years if you do not receive further DWIs through a court process with a missouri trafic attorney. The Court must be Petitioned in order to request a DWI be expunged (removed) from your Missouri driver record. If you receive more than 1 DWI then the DWIs […]


A plea is an agreement negotiated by your Traffic Law Stop traffic lawyer with the Prosecutor to amend your traffic ticket case charge to either a lesser charge, non-moving charge, non-point charge, reduced fee conviction, etc., in exchange for you either paying an increased fine, making a donation, performing community service, completing a class, agreeing to probation, etc. The goal […]


Click ‘Start My Ticket’ and enter your missouri traffic ticket & contact information into our traffic ticket form. You will be notified via email immediately to confirm that we have received your missouri traffic ticket case submission. We will receive a second email within 24 business hours telling you if your traffic ticket case has been accepted and that we […]


Traffic Law Stop can amend or “fix” your Missouri traffic tickets with prices $59up. If you do not hire a St. Louis traffic ticket attorney and instead plead guilty to a moving violation traffic ticket you will incur points on your Missouri driver license. Incurring points on your driver license can ultimately lead to a suspension of your driving privilege. […]