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There are two separate parts to every DUI issued in Missouri. Those two parts are:
  • Administrative Driver License Case: Involves your driver license privilege through the DOR (Department of Revenue). Regardless of whether you refused to take the breath test or you took the breath test and failed, your license will be suspended or revoked 15 days after you receive a DWI if you do not timely Appeal. Breath tests must be appealed within 15 days after you receive your DWI. If you refuse the breath test your driver license will be revoked for 1 year unless you file a timely Appeal, also known as a Petition for Review. Refusal cases must be appealed within 30 days of receiving your DWI. If you miss the deadline for filing your Appeal you lose the right to Appeal.
  • Criminal Case: This involves criminal charges brought against you through the Court. The Court proceedings vary depending on the jurisdiction (location) of the issuing Court and whether or not you are represented by an Attorney. If you are represented by an Attorney and your case results in Plea Bargain then the Attorney will make most appearances on your behalf, and you will likely only be required to appear in Court to accept your Plea after the details are agreed to by the Prosecuting Attorney in advance. If you do not hire an Attorney you will be required to attend all Court appearances and Courts cannot give you legal advice about how to represent yourself, which can decrease your chances of beating your DWI charge.

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