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DWI convictions can have many negative consequences on your life, including your ability to drive legally, employment options, high court costs and fines, and other negative impacts. After a DWI a driver can get their Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) after his driver’s license suspension has ended.

You cannot get your CDL while your license is currently suspended for DWI, but after your suspension you are eligible to get a CDL. The question then becomes can you find employment that requires a Commercial Driver’s License after you have been convicted of Driving While Intoxicated.

Many insurance companies have rules that their commercial customers must follow in regards to hiring CDL drivers. Many insurance companies will not insure CDL drivers for a company if they have had a DWI within the last three years, sometimes longer.  This means that if you have a DWI within the last 3-5 years finding employment will be very difficult.

It is also important to note that the legal limit for BAC (blood alcohol content) is lower than that for a regular driver’s license. In Missouri a CDL holder must be below .04, even in their personal vehicle, while a regular license holder is required to stay under .08.

If you have a Commercial Driver’s License and have a DWI on your record, or have an upcoming case for DWI contact DWI lawyer Casey Coats at (314) 644-7102 for help.

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  1. jamesmount says:

    Well, I am not a commercial driver and hence, I had no idea of it. Thank you for sharing the knowledge and keeping us updated.

  2. Ryan says:

    depends how old the dui is and even then you may have slimmer pickings, but in general yes you can still hold a cdl and likely find work.

    • I have question, which the answer to is PROBABLY a big NO. I was convicted of 3 – DUI’s within a 2 year period. (All on Parking lots, waiting for someone to pick me up). The Judge, was one of the men my “ex wife” had been having an affair with. I was ‘DEEMED’ a Habitual Alcoholic & my License……was revoked/suspended for 10 years. (The Judge tried to do it for LIFE). I’d worked 3 jobs, from the time I was in College, until aged 35, when I found she was “sleeping” with half the “Law” Community in our town. (I WON’T Dignify it by calling it a LEGAL/LAWFUL Community, as 19 years of my life & 3/4 of a Million dollars were taken from me in a Divorce, that only took an hour). My town is a “Good ‘ole Boy” town. They watch out for each other. I took a Mandatory, INTENSIVE “Outpatient” Drug rehabilitation Program, followed by a year’s worth of “POP” drug tests, (taken at the DNA Level). After fines were paid, my Driving privileges ARE restored, & I’ve just renewed my Operator’s license for the second time. I’ve not so much as had a Parking ticket….since, (OR Before the Ugly Divorce). Do I have ANY Chance of obtaining a CDL…??? (I ALSO, sent ALL the photographic evidence, Motel receipts, & Pictures, “Certified Delivery” to ALL the wives, of whom my “ex” was fooling around with. I was arrested one time for an 1892 Ordinance, against spitting in the dirt). Just Wondering…???

      • Monique says:

        That is horrible and I am so sorry. I can’t even imgaine how you feel or felt. I do know that I have also gone through cheating. It is painful enough, but to go as far as, to set out to have the rest of your life ruined, she is an absolute poor excuse for a human being. If I was an attorney I would fight for you free!!!! :)

  3. James says:

    My question is can I still obtain my cdl’s even though my license was not suspended for a DUI and still suspended for a failure to appear 10 yes ago?

  4. Mike W says:

    I have a DUI from 2010, I would imagine that im ok to go forward on getting a CDL and driving for someone. are there any companies that will pay for my training and liscencing?

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