Is It Possible to Get a CDL With A Prior DWI or DUI?

DWI convictions can have many negative consequences on your life, including your ability to drive legally, employment options, high court costs and fines, and other negative impacts. After a DWI a driver can get their Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) after his driver’s license suspension has ended.

You cannot get your CDL while your license is currently suspended for DWI, but after your suspension you are eligible to get a CDL. The question then becomes can you find employment that requires a Commercial Driver’s License after you have been convicted of Driving While Intoxicated.

Many insurance companies have rules that their commercial customers must follow in regards to hiring CDL drivers. Many insurance companies will not insure CDL drivers for a company if they have had a DWI within the last three years, sometimes longer.  This means that if you have a DWI within the last 3-5 years finding employment will be very difficult.

It is also important to note that the legal limit for BAC (blood alcohol content) is lower than that for a regular driver’s license. In Missouri a CDL holder must be below .04, even in their personal vehicle, while a regular license holder is required to stay under .08.

2 thoughts on “Is It Possible to Get a CDL With A Prior DWI or DUI?

  1. depends how old the dui is and even then you may have slimmer pickings, but in general yes you can still hold a cdl and likely find work.

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