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For a long time Missouri has had some of the strictest marijuana laws in the country. Attitudes over medical and recreational marijuana use have changed over the years, and some states have even moved forward with full legalization. In 2017, Missouri’s marijuana laws will become a little less strict.

In a crime bill recently sent to the Missouri Governor, one of the major changes is to the states marijuana laws. There are a few significant changes:

  • First time marijuana offenders with less than 10 grams of marijuana will not receive jail time but will still face fines of $100-500.
  • Epilepsy patients will have access to medical cannabis oil with a doctor’s recommendation after at least 3 other medications have been tried.
  • End sentences with mandatory no parole or probation for third felony marijuana convictions.

These changes will take affect in January, 2017. Until then the old marijuana laws remain in effect. The group Show Me Cannabis is working to have marijuana legalization on the ballot in the 2016 elections – they are working for full marijuana legalization in the state, both medicinal and recreational.

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