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The Missouri Supreme Court decided not to take up cases of three Missouri cites red light camera programs. The Court refused to take up cases by the cites of Creve Coeur and Kansas City and American Traffic Solutions, the company that operates red light cameras in Missouri. The Court also rejected an appeal by the City of Florissant.

Missouri State Law requires points to be assessed on a person’s driver’s license for red light infractions.

Saint Louis Red Light CameraCritics of red light cameras argue that red light cameras are unconstitutional because the owner of the vehicle is ticketed even though the owner might not have been driving at the time of the violation. Critics also point to the discrepancy with Missouri State Law requiring points to be assessed on the violators license. Many people also believe the cameras are a money grab or scam under the guise of public safety, and about 1/3 of the revenue from the cameras go to American Traffic Solutions, a private company that has raked in millions of dollars in profits.

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