Saint Louis ARC Zone

In Saint Louis there is an ARC Zone on  I-70 in St. Ann, Berkeley, Cool Valley, Edmundson, Normandy, Northwoods, Woodson Terrace, and Pine Lawn. The goal of the ARC Zone, also known as a Travel Safe Zone is to discourage drivers from speeding in an effort to reduce accidents. Because of this, traffic ticket fines are more expensive than in other areas, many times more than double the cost of a regular speeding ticket.

ARC stands for Accident Reduction Corridor. Police are known in this area to set up heavy patrols to catch speeders. Often times there will be multiple patrol cars in a small area ready to pull over speeding motorists, and hidden officers clocking drivers’ speed.

In addition to heavy fines, speeding drivers will also be assessed points on their driver’s license. Too many points can lead to driver’s license suspension, and any points on your record will usually lead to increased auto insurance costs.

The traffic ticket lawyers at Traffic Law Stop based in Saint Louis, Missouri can amend your speeding tickets in ARC Zones to no points, non-moving violations, saving you from getting points on your driver’s license and costly auto insurance increases. Call us today at (314) 644-7102 or submit your traffic ticket online.

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  1. The ARC zones reduces the probability of accidents and their numbers we must aware of ARC and have to stick to the laws firmly over there.

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