New Facebook Page Alerts Users to Saint Louis Speed Traps and Sobriety Checkpoints

A new Facebook page, Saint Louis Speed Traps and DWI Checkpoints alerts users that like the page of current speed traps, sobriety checkpoints, speed cameras, and other road hazards.

The page, started by Traffic Law Stop, updates regularly with the latest speed traps, sobriety checkpoints and other issues. The information is compiled from a variety of sources and users are encouraged to post updates and/or pictures of speed traps and sobriety checkpoints they find.

The page can be found at

Information from the Saint Louis Speed Traps and DWI Checkpoints Page:

We do not condone drinking and driving or speeding. We encourage people to get a sober driver, call a cab or use a service like to get home safely.Learn what to do at a DWI checkpoint from the National Motorists Association:


Learn why groups like the National Motorists Association and many lawyers oppose sobriety checkpoints here, and what you can do to help:


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