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Points vs. Non-Points Violations

Traffic violations are separated into two different categories: points violations (moving violations) and non-points violations (non-moving violations). 

There is a very important difference in the two types of violations, so it is important to be informed on what type of violation your traffic ticket is considered.

Points violations are generally moving violations. These types of traffic offenses add points to your driving record, which leads to increased auto insurance costs and even driver’s license suspension

Non-Point violations do not increase your auto insurance costs or lead to driver’s license suspension.

When you hire a traffic attorney to work on your traffic ticket case the attorney will work with the court to get a plea agreement on your case. By paying an increased fine you can have your ticket moved to a non-point violation saving you costly insurance increases and license suspension.

If you received a moving violation traffic ticket, contact the traffic law attorneys at Traffic Law Stop today to work on your ticket:  (314) 644 – 7102.

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