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Most st louis jurisdictions issuing red light camera traffic tickets are charging these cases as “infractions”. This means that pleading guilty and paying the fine on these “infraction” tickets will not result in points on your missouri driver license. If you are unsure whether the jurisdiction that issued your red light camera traffic ticket charges these tickets as infractions you should consult a Traffic Law Stop lawyer to verify whether pleading guilty would result in points on your missouri license. If you fail to pay your fine timely, or fail to hire a st louis traffic law attorney to represent you, some jurisdictions are issuing warrants for the failure to appear in court on red light camera traffic tickets. You should either pay your fine timely or consult a st louis traffic law attorney for red light camera tickets each time you receive one because the treatment of these tickets may be different in each municipality. We do NOT ever recommend ignoring these red light st louis area traffic tickets.

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