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When stopped by the police, drivers have certain rights they may exercise during the traffic stop.


If you have received a Missouri traffic ticket, you may choose to fight your charges using a Missouri traffic lawyer. Fighting your traffic ticket can be beneficial to you, whether it is your first ticket or your fifth.


What To Do During a Traffic Stop

There are several steps to take if you are pulled over by the police to make the traffic stop go more smoothly and avoid extra charges.


How Do I Beat My Traffic Ticket?

If you receive a traffic ticket you may wish to fight your ticket in hopes of having charges reduced. Enough moving (points) violations could lead to the suspension of your driver’s license and costly auto insurance increases.


Points vs. Non-Points Violations

Traffic violations are separated into two different categories: points violations (moving violations) and non-points violations (non-moving violations). 


If you get convicted of a any type of traffic offense that is considered a moving violation you will most likely receive points on your driver’s license. The amount of points given for a traffic conviction depend on the severity of the violation and Missouri has set amount of points for each type of traffic law.


The fines assessed in any given traffic ticket case vary according to the court jurisdiction, driver record, number of prior amended tickets, severity of the violation, the type of driver license you hold, etc.


The amount of time it takes Traffic Law Stop to fix or amend your traffic ticket depends on the court where the ticket was issued.


What is an Aggressive Driving Ticket?

A Missouri police officer can issue you a ticket for Aggressive Driving for any type of road rage behavior.


If you are having a traffic ticket fixed by a licensed traffic lawyer you usually do not have to appear in court unless your attorney specifically tells you otherwise.