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What is SATOP?

In Missouri traffic law SATOP is Substance Abuse Traffic Offender Program. If your driver license has been suspended or revoked by the Missouri Department of Revenue (DOR) due to an alcohol related offense you must complete SATOP in order to reinstate your license.

SATOP consists of two parts. There is an evaluation and interview session during which a counselor will determine what type of class you will be assigned to. Then you will be assigned to attend a treatment class or a series of classes. When you attend your evaluation and interview session there is an initial fee due of approximately $271 (fees for a re-assessment are $125). When you attend your class there is an additional fee due, depending on which type of class you are assigned to this fee starts at approximately $100.

SATOP Treatment Class Locations in Missouri and St. Louis area:

SATOP: VIP, Defensive Driving (DD) Explain & Give Links to Providers in Missouri:

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  1. Hello. I own Assessment and Counseling Solutions. The info you have is incorrect. We have not had a location in Clayton for years and it causes clients much confusion. Please remove that location and, better yet, go to and follow to SATOP then OMU directory to get a fully updated list. Thank you. Bill

  2. DeAnna says:

    Hello, I am an Exec. Asst at EMASS. Many of our locations are not listed correctly on this site. I have included below an up to date list of our locations that offer SATOP:

    8 Westbury Drive, Suite B
    St. Charles, MO 63301
    (636) 946-2815
    Fax: (636) 946-1568

    3819 South Grand Blvd
    St. Louis, MO, 63118

    71 Florissant Oaks Shopping Center
    Florissant, MO 63031

    201 O’Fallon Plaza
    O’Fallon, MO 63366

    9648 Midland Blvd
    Overland, MO 63114

    415 East Cherry Street
    Troy, MO 63379

    104 South Market Street
    Warrenton, MO 63383

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