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Traffic Lawyers in St. Louis

Don't Fight Your St. Louis, Missouri Speeding Ticket Alone!

Traffic Law Stopâ„  can help you fix or amend your St. Louis area speeding and other traffic tickets with prices starting at $40+. Our professional St. Louis traffic ticket lawyers are experts at fixing or amending speeding tickets and have helped thousands of satisfied customers with their tickets.


Our traffic lawyers work to reduce or eliminate fines, charges and points on your license. Too many points on your driver's license record can result in increased insurance costs and can eventually lead to suspension of your license!


Don't stress about what to do all alone, let us help you with your speeding tickets, stop sign tickets, no insurance, red light tickets, illegal turn, improper lane use, careless and imprudent driving, accident tickets, construction zone tickets, commercial driver violations, failure to appear, warrants, drug possession, MIP & Abuse & Lose (minor in possession of alcohol or drugs), DWI (driving while intoxicated), DUI (driving under the influence), and other criminal matters. We handle all St. Louis city and county tickets, as well as most counties and cities in Missouri.


Our unique, state-of-the-art, secure online e-commerce system allows you to submit your speeding tickets online to a St. Louis traffic attorney, without having to go to our office, and in most case without having to make any court appearances! You can also call (314) 644-7102 or visit our office to start your ticket.


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