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Construction Zone Tickets

construction zone ticketsTraffic Law Stopâ„  can help you fix or amend your construction zone tickets from almost any city, county or state police agency in Missouri and Illinois. Our traffic lawyers are experts at getting charges and fines reduced. Don't fight your traffic tickets alone, let the traffic law experts at Traffic Law Stop help you!


In Missouri fines for speeding in construction zones are increased by up to $300 and you can receive points on your drivers license and increased insurance costs. Construction zone tickets can be very costly so you should have the traffic attorneys at Traffic Law Stop handle your tickets for you. Most of the time we can get charges and points on your license reduced which saves you money on your auto insurance costs and can keep your driving record clean.


Our unique, state-of-the-art, secure online e-commerce system allows you to submit your traffic tickets online, without having to go to our office, and in most case without having to make any court appearances! You can also call (314) 644-7102 or visit our office to start your ticket.


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