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The peaceful vigil for slain teen Michael Brown turned violent tonight, with protesters damaging police and news vehicles, and looting a Quiktrip. The incidents are occurring at West Florissant and Ferguson Avenue.

Update 9:31 am: Photos of the riot damage.

Update August 11th 12:36am: Civilian injured by looters at Ferguson Taco Bell, and a liquor store is being looted right now.

Update 11:50pm: Police are now stationed at the Wal-Mart on W. Florissant to protect it from looters. SWAT reinforcements arrive. Estimate 400+ police now in Ferguson. SWAT reinforcements arrive. Estimate 400+ police now in Ferguson. Dobbs on Dellwood being vandalized. 

Update 11:10pm. Picture of Ferguson Quiktrip on fire.

Ferguson Quiktrip on fire

Update 11:04pm: Reports that shots have been fired within the crowds, and QT is on fire in .

Update 10:43pm: Unconfirmed reports of gun shots in the area. New video of the rioting.


Updated 10:27pm: Additional unconfirmed reports that Sam’s Club is being looted now (10:00pm), and St Charles police are headed east toward Ferguson to assist St Louis County. Unconfirmed reports of the area Sams Club being looted.

Additional officers have been called on the scene to handle the protesters. An area Quiktrip was damaged and looted by protesters.


Witnesses report that police in riot gear and tear gas masks have arrived on scene. Other witnesses say a Post Dispatch reporter was hit in the head with a bottle. There are apparently over 200 squad cars in the area. News crews have been advised to leave the area.

St. Louis County Executive Charlie Dooley has arrived on scene asking protesters to go home.

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