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St. Louis Traffic Attorneys

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THOUSANDS of Satisfied Clients!

Our experienced Traffic Law STOP℠ Missouri traffic law attorneys have successfully handled several THOUSANDS of St. Louis traffic law cases for all sorts of Missouri Traffic Tickets, DWIs and Minor Criminal Matters.  Join our thousands of happy and satisfied clients and we will put our experienced traffic ticket lawyers to work for you now!


STOP Taking Points On Your License!

STOP Taking Convictions On Your Record!

STOP  Paying Insurance Increases!  

STOP Lengthy Court Appearances!

STOP taking criminal convictions on your permanent record !  STOP taking points against your driver license!  STOP paying  increased insurance premiums!  STOP spending endless hours attending court dockets on your behalf!  Let  Traffic   Law   STOP's  experienced and professional   Missouri licensed St. Louis traffic attorneys handle your Missouri traffic law, DWI or criminal cases and have your cases amended to minimize fines, convictions, points and court appearances.  Attorney fee prices start at only $59 for Traffic Tickets and start at only $599 for DWIsFlexible payment plans are available to fit your budget.  Call (314) 644 - 7102 or 1 (844) THE-STOP

St. Louis, Missouri Traffic Tickets, DWI, and Criminal Cases

Traffic Law STOP's Missouri traffic law attorneys accept traffic ticket cases, warrant cases, driving while suspended, no insurance, DWIs, DUIs, possession of controlled substance and/or marijuana cases, minor in possession cases, and various other minor criminal cases in just about every city, county, state and federal court throughout Missouri.  We have successfully handled several thousands of traffic law cases for clients all over Missouri.  Let us help you with your traffic law case whether it is a St. Louis speeding traffic ticket or a Kansas City DWI.  You can hire our traffic ticket lawyer from the comfort of your own computer without the hassle of an office visit, just use our secure online interactive website, or call (314) 644-7102, or walk in to our traffic ticket center - no appointment necessary.  Click~Pay~Done!  It's that easy!


St Louis Traffic Lawyer Casey Coats - Experience Counts:

Casey Coats is a St. Louis traffic law attorney with an established Missouri traffic law firm  Traffic Law STOP handling cases in traffic law, DWI, DUI, warrants, possession of controlled substance, minor in possession cases, and other minor criminal matters throughout Missouri.  Casey Coats has been a licensed Missouri attorney since 2002 with legal field experience since 1999 and a family background in law.  St. Louis attorney Casey Coats is a native of St. Louis, Missouri, a graduate of Mizzou Law School, Mizzou Undergraduate with honors Cum Laude, and Nerinx Hall High School.

Getting Started With Traffic Law STOP:


Our Unique Online Traffic Ticket Process:

  • Click Start ONLINE Ticket
  • Enter your ticket information
  • Enter your contact information
  • Pay by credit card
  • You get email confirmation when we receive your case, and when we accept & begin work on your case
  • You receive a letter explaining your case amendment and how to pay your fine & finish your case
  • Usually you are not required to appear in Court.
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Traffic Law STOP is a secure interactive online traffic law e-commerce website:

Some attorney traffic law sites claim to have online traffic law services but they only collect your contact information, sometimes unencrypted, and they call you back later to price your ticket and arrange payment.  Our interactive, secure, online e-commerce, fast and easy to use website prices your ticket according to the information you input, and then lets you to pay by credit card - so the process of finding a lawyer is finished when you leave our website without the hassle of an office visit.  Of course we are always available to you in person at any of our walk in locations or by phone (314) 644-7102.  Don't use other sites and wait around for someone to call you back - get it done now ONLINE with the online traffic ticket center of Traffic Law STOPClick~Pay~Done! 



No Convictions! No Points! No Insurance Increases! No Court Appearances!

Don't plead guilty and take a conviction on your driver record or criminal record. Our St. Louis traffic attorneys can help you avoid taking points and help you avoid costly insurance increases. In most cases the traffic law attorney makes all Court appearances so you never have to come to Court, all that you have to do is follow our written instructions for paying your Court fine and accepting the plea terms to finish your case.

Don't stress about what to do all alone, let us help you with your speeding tickets, stop sign tickets, no insurance tickets, red light camera  ticketsimproper lane use tickets, careless and imprudent drivingCDL violations, accident tickets, construction zone tickets, failure to appear, warrants, drug possession, MIP and Abuse & Lose (minor in possession of alcohol or drugs), DWI (driving while intoxicated), DUI (driving under the influence), assault, theft, & other criminal matters.  We handle any Missouri traffic ticket from stop sign violations to DWIs, whether it is a St Louis traffic ticket or State level Missouri DWI.

St. Louis traffic attorneys

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